45 Day Marketing PLAN
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Phase I

TEST LAUNCH- The onboarding process is engaged. A unique password protected landing page and marketplace materials are created and your CRM is built. A test launch is executed using various media and investor persona analysis and filtering intelligence. Phase I is  7 days from the completion of approved materials. Reduced cash equity program is availble.

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Phase Ii

ANALYSIS -Results of the test launch are delivered one week after the test launch. Investor feedback, response and closing issues are addressed. Messaging and initial targeting is fine tuned. Your full source dashboard is enabled.  No penalty for contract pause.7 day delivery. Platform consideration. Phase II provides analytics only. Equity program available.

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Phase IIi

PRIMARY LAUNCH-A criteria driven marketing campaign is agreed upon using the available analytics. Market conditions and offering progress is reviewed. We examine direct introduction options. Cost is determined by agreement. No penalty for pause. Phase III starts 7 days from agreement with 24 days of run time. Equity program available TBA.