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About Us

VX Global Inc. provides advertising,  exposure and branding for the capital markets. Interested leads are delivered for your permanent use. Continuation and pipeline building programs can be cost effectively added. We guarantee, prove and deliver your exposure or we continue.

 Our campaigns provide interest through our fact based newsletters, social media, webinars, emails, event geo-targeting, and OTT media as part of a marketing mix. Our programs allow for a one-time, test the waters campaign, as well as expansion.



Our efforts focus on those seeking reach and branding in or for the capital markets. We service and brand to Institutional markets, VC's, Pension, Trusts, Angels, HNW, FO's, Funds, Banks and retail B2B and B2C markets. We also service companies seeking investment exposure, Banks, RIA's, Finra Broker-Dealers, SaaS technology firms, Fintech, and syndicators. Each program is customized to the effort.



Whether you are an RIA with a geo-targeting preference, or looking for new investors, our programs help you build a strong contact base over time. Our low cost of entry allows for continuation, change and improvement. Targeting potential audiences with your
messaging is our primary mission.



We have spent over 4 years reviewing and deploying software technology, analyzing and vetting databases, and listening to market response. Our well-designed process creates interest, seamless delivery and ease of use.  



Your messaging showcases your ad approved product or service in our outreach campaigns. We have proven this use tested approach creates more interest than a canned solicitation. Interest can then be converted upon interface with your team.   

The VX Advantage


As a team we have talent that has worked with E&Y, government institutions, Fortune 500 companies, major entertainment entities, and celebrities.


We are transparent and provide attribution. Any recommendations are to help you achieve a desired result, not drain your budget.  


We provide direct delivery of active leads, and the results of each campaign can be forwarded given program choice.


A turn-key Ready Solution
Internal Cost Reduction
Visibility on Publishing


Data Insight executed from Given Criteria. Fully Integrated your campaign.

Program Acceleration

Expandable Marketing
Multi-Venue Coverage
Power, Scale and Reach

A very talented team whose personnel have worked for: