An Advanced General Solicitation
Investment Platform

VX Global Inc.

An Investment Marketing Firm

We are dedicated to giving private equity a voice for general solicitations.
We provide exposure and direct customized campaigns.
506D Rule C, Rule CF, Regulation A, Test the Waters.
We are solely focused on the capital markets.


We utilize multiple different forms of media campaigns to drive investor traffic to our site. From newsletters and email to telemarketing and OTT media we constantly reach out to potential investors on a rotational basis.

While we strongly recommend an investment marketing plan our exposure programs can make your offer visible to visiting investors. Our Issuer profiles allow investors easy access and provide you with a dedicated landing page and a unique URL you can utilize.  

Investment Marketing

For added firepower a direct message is always best. Many company's engage general solicitations but do not engage the markets with their offering. The point of General Solicitations is to be able openly advertise. We provide a way to direct this efficiently.

By examining the criteria you give us we can target sources that are more likely to be a suitable match. We then perform a first round exploratory campaign using a layer of mediums to determine first round response. This keeps our campaigns on track and cost-effective.


Advantage for Investors

We provide an open forum for you to browse and see if there are any offerings that stimulate your interest. Regulations don't allow us to perform, comment or provide you with any due diligence findings. We encourage you to be thorough and  diligent in examining opportunity to ensure that your capital is as well placed as possible. We offer cataloging services for you so we can alert you to an investment that might be a fit.


Advantage for Issuers

Raising capital is difficult. Breaking through the barriers that are set by the industry can be daunting. Providing investors with an open forum, a way to contact you and crucial decision making information are the 3 pillars of success.  VX Global Inc. assists with all of these plus services, filings and document preparation. Each is an elective that will assist you in expediting the capital raise.


Our Technology

We have spent over 36 Months and significant capital reviewing and deploying software technology. We have full track and trace systems embedded in our process for every visitor. We also have a completely automated lead delivery system so you can respond quickly and effectively to interested investors. Our integrated flow through process delivers results in real time. No one we know offers that.


Data and Sourcing

Simply put there are very few in this industry that can match us for data. Most of our competitors rely on expensive social media campaigns with no real understanding of the capital markets. VX Global Inc. utilizes AI engines and has ingested over 2 million lives from major financial publications, purchased data sets and our previous campaigns. Our sourcing includes both private and institutional sources. All of our campaigns use criteria based targeting by industry, location, probable net worth and sentiment to create a better result.

The VX Advantage


As a team we have Fortune 500 talent that has worked with E&Y, Ally Bank, Capital One, Amazon, BMW, and Stan Lee Entertainment.


We are transparent and provide attribution. Any recommendations are to help you achieve a desired result, not drain your budget.  


We provide direct delivery of active leads, and the results of each campaign can be forwarded given program choice.


A turn-key ready solution
Internal Cost Reduction
Visibility on Publishing


Data Insight
Executed from given criteria
Fully integrated

Program Acceleration

Expandable Marketing
Multi-Venue Coverage
Power, scale and reach

A very talented team whose personnel have worked for:

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