"An International Capital Markets Specialist."

About Us

VX Global Inc. provides targeted sourcing for traditional and alternative finance, lending, project financing, acquisition and trade finance as well as equity syndication and management. We are specifically built for clients seeking compatible, criteria specific sources that have a tangible value proposition.  

Clients must meet certain standards. We require verifications and due diligence reviews. After initial screening a contract may be  issued. We do not take on casual efforts and country regulations are considered. We focus on high level preparation and accelerated execution. Preparation, management as well as administrative costs may be involved. We are not pro bono advocates.   


We use our preparation skills, multiple data bases and relationship based outreach to enhance the trajectory of your request. Primary concerns are industry, revenue, type of request, stage of operations, risk assessment and preparedness, current situation and funding objectives. Regulations may apply.


Our reach is Global. We target capital sources with your value messaging, followed up by valuable due diligence. Your customized VDR has permission based track and trace features with an NDA and password built in. Our tech stack and data purchases are into 6 figures. We pass an incredible value add on to you.


We only work on efforts that are truly professional in nature. If you qualify, our contracts reflect a reasonable partnership. Our pre-underwriting management provides a thorough process. Preparation and vetting are key so you pass most interrogatories. Transaction integrity and documented interface are primary and recorded.


We approach efforts with hardened information. We have proven this methodology creates higher closing rates than a casual step based approach. Regulatory, licensing and cross border considerations are reviewed in the majority of our efforts. Equity efforts come under a different class of opportunity, process and execution.    

The VX Advantage


Our talent that has worked with E&Y, Government, Fortune 500 companies and celebrities.


We are transparent and provide attribution. Reporting is our key to a desired result.   


We provide direct interface with sources and the results of each campaign are catalogued.

A very talented team whose personnel have worked for: