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Who We Are!

VX Global Inc. uses a sophisticated analytical approach to general solicitations using more than 5 AI engines, multiple data sets and wide media spread. Our mission is to get your offering in front of the correct investor persona using hyper-marketing and silo based, criteria driven big data.

“Our Little Black Book Is A Library.”

About Us


If Data was oil, we’d be Rockefeller. We have multiple data sources that are constantly updated and refreshed. We can analyze it to a finite level utilizing applicable key indicators and can guarantee lead delivery minimums.


As a team we have Fortune 500 talent that has worked with Ally Bank, Capital One, Amazon, BMW, 3M, Stan Lee Entertainment and more. We perform on all fronts from technical sophistication to messaging and conversion.


We have unblocking technology and a 12-step algorithm that is designed to embed code in the target landing page. We have an IPV6 platform with servers in all 50 states and ID capture technology and are fully compliant.


We deliver a true activated lead that has shown actual interest and is delivered directly to your CRM or scheduler. You have full ownership over each lead delivered and we also release your campaign statistics.

Our Advantages

Advantage 1

A turn-key solution that is provided “Day 1″. A sophisticated team with over 25 years of experience in the disciplines of investment, market communications, design and data collection.

Advantage 2

High hit ratios, performance and monitoring. digested and cataloged data that is criteria driven. Monitored operational oversight that is fully integrated into the data delivery system.    

Advantage 3

Capture and Analytics.  Deep insight into the campaign success process and review of the investor journey, collection and call to action flow through with fast track modifications. 

Advantage 4

Oversight to increase positive outcomes. Modeling success probability moving forward. A round table approach to improve and optimize conversion values in each phase.

Case Studies

Companies our staff has worked for or with:

The Skills



(Reporting given confidentiality and consumer privacy Laws)


Increased Effectiveness

(Criteria based targeting using pre-tested modeling)


Cost Reduction

(Similar self-driven campaign efforts would be much more costly)


Optimized Execution

(We have an entire staff dedicated to the process that you can’t match)

Our Process

Phase I

We analyze and assess whether or not our efforts will produce results and achieve mutual goals.

Phase II

We create COMPLIANT marketing and advertising material that will actively communicate your value proposition.

Phase III

We incorporate the data results into a larger campaign to produce a superior targeted effort.

Phase IV

We perform a seasoned push into the marketplace including branding. 

Our Team

Jonathan Pappie

(Founder and CEO)

A leading industry expert in corporate finance. His commentary has been published by the World Bank. He has worked with the Small Business Administration Advocates Office and the SEC’s Small Business Issuers Advisory Committee. Guest Speaker at Family Office Clubs and Webinar host and featured Speaker De-Risking the Angel Investment Process ACA.

Samantha Van Ness

(Marketing Supervisor)

This partner is a marketing, branding, and digital advertising veteran with 14 years of experience. She sits at the intersections of marketing, technology, and finance using AI, advanced automation, and analytics.  She holds dozens of advertising and e-commerce platform traffic records, her projects have won 2 Webby Awards, and resulted in billions of impressions.

Peter Joseph Flynn


Served as the primary point of contact between a registered FINRA Broker Dealer and regulatory authorities with respect to audits, questions, and filings. Reviewed third-party marketing and investment materials for compliance. Assisted in the development of Investment Materials, marketing and sales material for compliance.


(Data Manager)

This partner is a BIG DATA veteran with 18 years’ experience. In 2008, he was a Manager at a large data & analytics firm where he served as Vice President for 10 years. After selling databases to ad-agencies, marketing firms, and end users he founded a data-driven agency to put data into motion on his client’s behalf leveraging API integrations.

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