CRM and SaaS ONLy

If you  want sources and a way to contact them we can provide a cost effective CRM account that is refreshed with new sources every 30 days. These sources are targeted via filter to your criteria by stage and request. See details below. All leads are cleaned, sentiment based and verified.

Plan Details

the STandard plan?

This package allows you to upload basic company information into a rotational customized CRM. We start with 500 "criteria effective" leads and load 100 leads per month. You are free to upload your leads for management purposes as well. You can contact potential Investors via an outbound personal touch email. Track and trace features are also installed. $499.00 on-boarding fee. $89.00 per month/75 leads per month. One time publishing only. Does not include a landing page. Outbound marketing not included.

the ADvanced plan?

This package includes an exclusive dedicated landing page within our system, dedicated Facebook page with VX and expanded standardized information. Investors are allowed to contact the company directly via email or form. This allows you control over where investors are directed.  $699.00 on-boarding fee. $139.00 per month/ 300 leads delivered per month. Up to 3 changes after publishing. Outbound marketing mentions and self marketing.

the enhanced plan??

Everything in the "Standard Plan" plus we set up an exclusive dashboard that allows you instant access, tracking and automated email privileges built into our tracking CRM. This also allows for direct conversion from your tombstone and your choice of contact options. $899.00 on-boarding fee. $189.00 per month/450 leads delivered per month until terminated. Unlimited changes. Outbound marketing profile in Newsletter.

the ultra plan?

Everything in the "Enhanced Plan" customized to your company colors, pictures, and an extended narration of your model and the opportunity. Your tombstone and your internal profile are also highlighted and featured and stand out from the crowd. $1,499. on-boarding fee. $399.00 per month/1000 leads delivered per month. Unlimited changes. VIP treatment. Outbound marketing features and unique tracking.