Welcome to Bullseye Leveling

Welcome to Bullseye Leveling

Welcome to Bullseye Leveling

Automatic Leveling Systems

Bullseye Leveling is the world's premier manufacturer of electro-mechanical (non-hydraulic) leveling systems for recreational vehicles, special use vehicles, trailers and any mobile or stationary unit that needs leveling or stabilizing. Developed with the consumer in mind, Bullseye Leveling Systems provide high performance automatic leveling without the problems of hydraulics.

About Us

Bullseye Leveling was formed for the specific purpose of providing easy and reliable leveling and stabilizing without hydraulics.  Bullseye has developed a revolutionary product line of leveling systems, a new generation of automatic electro-mechanical leveling systems to replace existing outdated hydraulic leveling systems prevalent in the RV, trucking and specialty vehicle industries.   Bullseye offers a full line of leveling systems and has a variety of models for every motorhome and trailer on the market.

Why Bullseye Works

The  many problems associated with hydraulic leveling systems are well known, but previous electric systems had a high failure rate.  Bullseye succeeded where other non-hydraulic systems failed. Bullseye provides high performance leveling without hydraulics. The answer lies in the extensive research that went into the development of the Bullseye product line and the custom made components that are used in Bullseye leveling systems.

  • Patented gear housings that hold and distribute the vehicle weight
  • Specialized lifting motor technology that levels your vehicle quickly and quietly
  • Customized gears in a specific ratio that allows Bullseye to lift and level efficiently
  • Dual Axis Steady Lift to prevent frame damage
  • Patented rotating bracket that provides leveling opportunities for vehicles with limited ground clearance.

Bullseye Backstory

Number of Investors and Structure: The business operates as a Limited Liability Company.  Alan Brink owns 80% and is the Managing Member. Brink financed the company’s product development, initial product launch and operating expenses in the early years of existence. Richard and Ann Standish jointly own 20% and have provided financing for the company since 2010. The Standish’s investments and loans to Bullseye total $2.7 million dollars. Special use vehicles such as mobile surgical units, government command posts, industrial, and military form a significant and growing segment of Bullseye’s customer base.  

  • Number of Units and Total Sales:  Sales units are primarily complete leveling systems consisting of four leveling jacks and one electronics kit. Replacement parts include individual jacks, jack components, and electronic components.     
  • Bullseye revenue amounted to approximately $3,000,000. in sales of 1,000 complete leveling systems and individual components.  Customer Analysis:  The ultimate Bullseye customer in the sales and distribution chain is the end user of the leveling system.
  • RV owners make up the majority of automatic leveling system users.  In its early years Bullseye relied on national distributors to get its product to the market. The company has eliminated US distributors and now sells directly to consumers, RV dealers and custom vehicle makers.
  • Most Active Regions:  The US and Canada comprise the largest sources of revenue for Bullseye.  Sales of leveling systems to RV owners come from every state in the US and all the lower provinces of Canada.  The West Coast, Southwest, Southeast and Northwest comprise the highest concentration of US consumer sales.