The Transactional Advisory Group provides analysis for a company’s position in relation to its projected capital raise. We examine venues of funding, funding alternatives and capital markets solutions per need and request. We then use our expertise to examine what structures and sources will provide an attractive solution, for both the investor or financing entity and the company. Below is a step-by-step example of our advisory process.


  • Review the financial structure and capital request

  • Examine the current promotional and due diligence material provided by the company

  • Review venues of funding     

  • Submit a written commentary and verbal overview examining the options we feel are best suited to achieve success, including probable and specific venues or sources of capital

  • Follow up with elected services and assistance per mutual agreement 


The Transactional Advisory Group combines its services with the CFO Center and Supporting Strategies to maximum efficiencies, and results. Both Clients and Investors can hire us to peruse internal operations, report on company direction and examine the health and welfare of a company, as well as assist in providing industry-specific capital markets guidance by providing the following:


  • Capital markets analysis, relationships & procedures, debt and equity restructuring

  • International investment outreach

  • Presentations, offering documents and valuation overviews

  • Accounts Receivable/ Purchase Order/ Alternative Financing

  • Capital markets awareness for both public and private companies

  • Institutional due diligence packaging from a market side viewpoint

  • Pro Forma modeling/budgeting/forecasting models

  • Buy and Sell-side M&A analysis, and acquisition & divestiture integration.


Our Team Leader is an established financial expert who has worked on a wide range of capital markets efforts. He has seasoned relationships with financial institutions, acquisition funding, debt, banking, syndication, Finra BD’s, and equity sources. His team can assist in capitalizing, or recapitalizing, companies that are growing, restructuring, or preparing for an equity offering while exploring other capital markets options.


He has also had his commentary published by the World Bank and has worked with the Small Business Administration Advocates Office and acted a direct consultant to the SBA’s Office of Entrepreneur in Chief and the SEC’s Small Business Issuers Advisory Committee. He has personally authored or edited more than 300 offering documents including PPM’s, business plans, industry analytical research reports, valuation overviews, due diligence packages and grant proposals and capital placement. He has market knowledge with Broker-Dealers, Banks, Hedge Funds, VC’s, Alternative Finance, Angel Groups and Institutional Funds for both large and small businesses. The team can assist in all layers of funding from funded start-ups to middle-market companies.


Our M&A and Valuation expert is a corporate finance professional with extensive experience spanning industrial manufacturing, telecommunications, aerospace and most recently CPG. He is currently serving as Vice President of Finance for a significant household name brand entity. His background includes managing through economic downturns, turnaround opportunities and managing through explosive growth. Additionally, he has international experience focused in Central and South America and formulating effective strategies for first-time entrants. Lastly, he is well versed in sell-side advisory services, business valuations, divestitures, development of M & A strategies and debt restructuring.


Our Relationship expert managed an organization of over 14,000 members in Los Angeles County and has over 30 years of experience, including management positions with TRW, EY, and BDO Seidman. He performed financial, forensic and management audits. For six years, he was a partner in charge of the Los Angeles office of The Marketing Institute, product management, and marketing firm. He served as an interim marketing executive for companies, for which he established marketing programs, and secured major contracts. Concurrently, he served as Principal Consultant to the Chairman and CEO of The Wickes Companies, Inc., the largest commercial turnaround in U.S. history at the time ($4 billion in revenue, $2 billion in debt). He supported the CEO in 250 presentations for internal management, courts, creditors’ committees, business and trade groups, commercial and investment bankers, and the SEC.


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* VX Global never shares your information to non-investment based sources. Your material, information, process and efforts will never be utilized, released or disseminated for reference sourcing or proof of business to potential customers for our benefit, and it is completely confidential.  VX does not provide tombstones or any other mechanism to induce business.



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