VX Profile - Forget about bulky attachments that don't get looked at. Send them an EZ VXProfile Link. This includes your unique link and HTML design of your material in our portal and  data insertion. Your dashboard allows you to make changes on the fly and your profile information will be updated within 48-72 hours of submission. An ASAP request can be made to our team as well. $695.00. then $39.00 monthly. Add a customized search for only $450. 

VX Open Market - All of the above plus you get listed on our VXProfile.com website with a quick outline of industry, stage and vitals. Any interested party can access an open public page to get more information and direct contact is allowed. Your company could be exposed to potential sources of capital very week. $995. then $59.95 per month. 3 month minimum required. Add a customized search for only $275.00

VX Outreach -  This includes all of the above, plus disseminating your link to a minimum of 1500 sources of capital via a mix of standard mail and email over 90 days, up to 25% of which are foreign sources. Also includes 1 well crafted international press releases. $1,900. plus ,mailing costs and $95. per month. 6 month minimum required. Includes 2 customized search.

VX Conquer - All of the above and a complete presentation overview and workup. This includes disseminating your link to a minimum of 5000 sources of capital via standard mail and email over 90 days. Up to 40% foreign sources. Includes HTML design of your material and reporting. Includes a minimum of 800 standard mailers as well as 2 well crafted press releases or articles. $4,500. and $395. per month for a 6 month minimum.   

VX Master - All of the above plus open access to all of our databases. Complete freedom for mailer and email invitations. Open tracking and data insertion assistance.  Recommended for very large syndications, public company awareness and larger efforts. $6,500. then $495. per month for a 6 month minimum.      

* VX Global never shares your information to non-investment based sources. Your material, information, process and efforts will never be utilized, released or disseminated for reference sourcing or proof of business to potential customers for our benefit, and it is completely confidential.  VX does not provide tombstones or any other mechanism to induce business.



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