The following list of clients served are a combination of our past clients as well as clients and previous clients of our closely held Associates.  Please respect our NDA and NDNC protocols. Please do not reach out to them.      

The Wicke’s Companies • Delta Air Lines • Ford Motor Company • Bercor • IBM Global Services • MacDonald’s • Nasa/JPI • Ingersoll Rand • Kings Hawaiian Bread • CR Laurence • PepsiCo • McKinsey • EY • The SBA/ The SEC • Receiver Designation for Maricopa County Courts (Personnel) Stan Lees' POW Entertainment/Kevin Costner/Smart Life Insurance (WalMart Affiliate)     

Acorn Paper Co.-Managed Mini-computer Feasibility Study, Los Angeles, CA

Adams Aldrich Partners-M&A Buy-side support, Applied Modern Technologies, Huntington Beach, CA, and Los Angeles, CA

Adams, Duque & Hazeltine-Law firm, Marketing & Growth Strategies Retreat, Ojai, CA

Aerospace Equipment Supply-Secured and Managed business plan preparation, to raise equity funds for this small manufacturer, Van Nuys, CA

Adrenalin Attractions, Inc.-Researched & developed master plan document and  presentation for first funds, $2billion theme park, Ladera Ranch, CA


Adrenalin Attractions, Inc.-Theme Space Market Research conducted and documented for this creative design firm, for hotels, restaurants and private residential contracts, covering architects and building contractors, Ladera Ranch, CA


Adrenalin Attractions, Inc.-Attendance, exhibit visits, and events plan for client participation in and follow up for International Attractions & Amusement Parks Assn. The annual trade show, Orlando, FL, Ladera Ranch, CA


Applied Modern Technologies-M&A Sell-side document support, and identified potential purchaser, Huntington Beach, CA


Applied Modern Technologies-Plan and implement trade show booth exhibiting, Association for Research Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO), Huntington Beach, CA and Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Arizona Highway Patrol-Conduct Systems Qualifications Review and Prepare preliminary systems plan, first automation, Phoenix, AZ


Arrowhead Bottled Water Co.-Marketing & Growth Strategies Retreat, Lake Arrowhead, CA


Army Material Command, Develop, modify and test new database system options; conduct data operations, Gravely Point, VA and Washington, D.C.


ASTRA-Secured client and assisted in coaching and developing documents and presentation for equity funds raise, for this IT healthcare firm, applying AI and audio to patient surgeries for cost savings in insurance reimbursements, Scottsdale, AZ


Auto Alert Device-Emergency Vehicle Approaching Signal-Inventor filed a patent(s) for new cars and after-market installation and required business plan, funds, and prototype development.  Sherman Oaks, CA


Berkeley Hall School-Conducted two annual Financial Audits for this private school, Beverly Hills, CA


BDO Seidman-Planned, organized and implemented a Candidate Qualifications Review (CQR) Practice, Los Angeles, CA


BDO Seidman-Developed, organized and implemented first office Marketing Plan and Program, Los Angeles, CA


Budweiser Distributor, Southern Nevada-Managed forensic audit, based on inventory control issues with manufacturer shipments, Las Vegas, NV


California Beach Chair-Client invented wood & canvas colorful folding, sling-back chair, so bike riders could easily transport.  He needed added funding for marketing and JV partner to volume manufacture, Venice, CA


California Tax Foundation-Managed survey on outsourcing county services to private vendors for saving costs, counties that do and don’t, Sacramento, CA


Cap Cleaner Container-Inventor created a protective basket for baseball caps, that protects them during washing, in the washing machine, Los Angeles, CA


Caregate-Conceived by Patrick Zaccaline, M.D., Managed the development of the business plan, to raise first equity funds, for the telemedicine triage firm, to connect patients to nurses and doctors, to diagnose and prescribe, with pharmacy and stand-alone kiosks, first test site, San Francisco, West Los Angeles, CA


C.R. Laurence Co.-Managed preliminary review for Mini-computer Feasibility Study, for this building contractors glass distributor, Los Angeles, CA


Ciralight Global-Conducted forensic audit of earlier shareholders, in preparation for SEC audit, prior to relisting the company, Los Angeles, CA


City of Cleveland-Conducted survey of community leading businesses re Cleveland’s Urban Problems and recommended strategies to resolve, assigned by TRW CoB, Cleveland, OH


City of Huntington Beach-Managed Systems and Procedures Study, Huntington Beach, CA


City of Los Angeles Police Dept.-Managed Planning Programming Budgeting (PPB) Evaluation, (test site), Los Angeles, CA


Clark County Court Administrator-Managed multiple court unification projects for this general jurisdiction state court, Las Vegas, NV


Coast Plating Co.-As member of an M&A firm, acquired client, and developed documents, including Confidential Business Review, to sell, Gardena, CA

Commuter Computer-Managed Mini-computer Feasibility Study, for this quasi-government rideshare agency, Los Angeles, CA

County of Los Angeles-County-USC General Hospital, Assistant Manager, Standard Rates, Charges and Billing System (test site), Los Angeles, CA

County of Orange-Chief Administrative Office, Managed Planning Programming Budgeting (PPB) System (test site), Santa Ana, CA

Delta Lloyds Insurance Co.-Managed a Mini-computer Feasibility Study for this large reinsurance agency, BDO client, Houston, TX

Educational Film Distributors-Conducted marketing diversification review and plan, Pasadena, CA.

Energy Back-Up Resources-Secured and assisted in preparing PPM, for this Kevin Costner-owned firm, that provided backup systems for electric energy producers, when blackouts occur, Los Angeles, CA

EY District Managing Partner and SEC Reporting Partner-Assigned to assist with Controller communications, Atlantic Richfield, in an attempt to acquire annual audit, Los Angeles, CA

First Interstate Bank-Assistant Manager, Trust Dept. restructuring project, to improve client alignment, accountability, and reporting, Los Angeles, CA

Freedom Farms of America-CEO Advisor, marketing and promotional options, funding, and securing donations for 501c3 unit, Mission Viejo, CA

Fuller Film Scripts-Theresa Fuller wrote a history of her ancestors, starting in Africa, coming to America as slaves, then rising to wealth, from their hard work and dedication,  Seeks producer for a feature film or three-part, T.V. series.  Serving as Advisor, Fresno, CA

Halsa Pharmaceuticals, Inc.-Secured client, and assisted in developing a business plan and equity funds search for this startup, Austin,TX

Happy Hawaiian Holidays, Inc.-Managed forensic audit of mini-computer system, documentation & training, for this wholesale travel agency, prior to filing a lawsuit against the vendor, Los Angeles, CA

Hollyplex-As V.P. of this independent film funding advisory firm, identified and secured nearly 100 independent filmmakers, in one year, seeking funds to produce, films in various stages of development, Las Vegas, NV

Institute for State Courts-Developed and presented seminar for Court Administrators on financial planning for courts, Snow Mass, CO

Intelligent Generation, Inc.-Secured client, and assisted in preparing PPM and organizing roadshow to raise first equity funds, for this start-up electric energy conservation and reseller to producers, e.g. Edison, Chicago, IL

Iowa Biomedical Distributors-Secured and Managed development of the business plan for first equity funds raise for this small supplier, Irvine, CA

J. Rae Entertainment-Managed development of the business plan, to raise first outside equity funds, for this live concert recording studio, paying artist advances, producing and selling FLAC and MP3 recordings, and paying artist royalties, immediately after concerts, Blaine, WA and Los Angeles, CA

Kanovate- Inventor holds a patent(s) on Roll On Bike Rack, that allows disabled to easily load and unload bicycles on an auto carrying rack, attached to a car.  Needed business plan, funding, and JV partner to manufacture.  Introduced to possible JV partners.  West Los Angeles, CA

Kneedler-Fauchere Interior Design Equipment & Supplies-Managed Financial Manager Candidate Qualifications Review (CQR), West Hollywood, CA

Kokoro Country Homes-Secured client and Managed Preliminary Marketing Review to Sell, for founder/owner of this specialty Japanese countryside homes, prefabricated/manufactured housing company, with sales to personal owners and hotel/resort developers (last commission for Peter Fonda), Newport Beach, CA


Kwik Distributing-Developed business plan, and secured asset-based loan ($125,000 from a commercial bank) to start a sanitary paper & chemical products supply, for commercial building maintenance companies.  Assisted in leasing the first warehouse, securing first inventory, securing the first computer system.  Los Angeles, CA  


Lake Tahoe Economic Development Authority-Conduct EDA Plan Update to satisfy U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Economic Development Administration requirements, Lake Tahoe, CA


Learning Bridge-Training Team Member & Coach, to assist employees to most effectively invest and manage their 401K retirement plans, first client Newport Beach aerospace subcontractor, Raleigh-Durham, NC


Lido Pacific Asset Management-Managed forensic audit of this property management firm, after assisting it to be added to Preferred List of Receivers, U.S. Trustee, Los Angeles, Newport Beach, CA


Managed Med, Inc.-Zaccalini Medical Practice was acquired by Seth Hirsch, PhD.  For his Psychology Practice, Managed collection of old receivables, on Personal Injury and Workers Comp cases, including an appearance at Workers Comp Board Hearings, Los Angeles, CA. 


Metropolitan Water District of Southern California-Analyze, research, recommend headquarters reorganization structure, Los Angeles, CA


Murray & Marek, CPAs-Managed marketing planning, organization and implementation retreat, for a regional accounting firm, Long Beach, CA


NAFTA Landport-Requested by President of this proposed major warehouse/hospitality complex, to serve as CFO and Marketing V.P. , engaged for site development and raising first equity funds for this urban planning and development firm, Thermal, CA site, Rancho Mirage, CA


National Center for State Courts (NCSC)-Western Region member of the project group to analyze, research, prepare National Court Planning Report, for Law Enforcement Assistance Administration, Washington, D.C.


National City Boat Equipment & Supply Co.-Managed preliminary review for Mini-computer Feasibility Study, National City, CA


Navajo Tribal Council-Conduct EDA Plan Update, to satisfy U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Economic Development Administration requirements, Window Rock, AZ


No Kids N Cars-Inventor holds a patent(s), needed funds, and JV partner to manufacture as OEM, for new cars and after-market installation, Las Vegas, NV


Northrop University-As member of business school faculty, requested by Board of Directors to advise on the disposition of assets, prior to closing, most valuable asset Aircraft Maintenance School, Hawthorne, CA


Opticon Systems-For German investor conducted due diligence review and onsite visit, prepared report, prior to added investment in this media services firm, Garden Grove, CA


Pacific Geotechnical Co.-As member of M&A firm, acquired client, and prepared documents including Confidential Business Review (CBR), to sell this $10million environmental and geological firm, Rancho Bernardino, CA


Pacific Mutual-Transamerica Insurance Cos.-Medicare-Medical health insurance preliminary assessment and recommendations, Los Angeles, CA


Pico Post Publishing Co.-Managed Mini-computer Feasibility Study for this weekly, suburban area newspaper, Los Angeles, CA


Sherry Simonek & Associates-First employee hired by the Handlers, founders of Mattel Toys.  I recommended she form company to consult small companies, to set up their first administrative operations, including clerical, human resources, and trade show coordination.  Torrance, CA 


Specialty Coffee Assn.-Managed annual member marketing survey, for this special coffee commercial distributors association, Los Angeles, CA


 State of California, Employment Development Dept.-Managed systems requirements analysis and automation plan, Sacramento, CA


 State of California, Judicial Council (AOC)-Research & develop a plan to improve, systematize this five-district court organization, San Francisco, CA


 State of California, Judicial Council (AOC)-Trial Jury Improvements, examine, research, site visits, make recommendations, San Francisco, CA


 State of California, HEW-Conduct welfare fraud forensic audit, five test counties, assisted by District Attorney Investigators, found $485million in fraud, Sacramento, CA


 State of Oregon, Supreme Court (AOC)-Conducted multiple projects to unify general and limited jurisdiction courts, site visits, make recommendations, Salem, OR


 State of Washington, Supreme Court (AOC)-Conduct unification review of general jurisdiction courts, make recommendations, Olympia, WA


 Terry Lumber Co.-Managed preliminary review for Mini-computer Feasibility Study, for this residential contractor supply center, Van Nuys, CA


 The Marketing Institute-Managed marketing planning, organization and implementation seminars for accounting firms, in 3 locations: Los Angeles, CA (USC), New York City, and Phoenix, AZ


 The Marketing Institute-Team taught marketing planning, organization and implementation seminars for professional service firms in 2 locations: Los Angeles (UCLA Extension), and Los Angeles, CA


The Wickes Cos., Inc. As Principal Advisor to the Chairman and CEO, whom I served in this international retail conglomerate for six years, in the largest commercial bankruptcy, Ch. 11 turnaround, in U.S. history at the time ($4 billion revenue, $2billion in debt), with 250,000 creditors, 750,000 claims, performed the following:


Started documenting company for Bankruptcy Court and Creditors’ Committees, 13 volumes in six weeks, and on-site support for CEO’s presentation at first Creditors’ Committees meeting, Beverly Hills, CA Prepared 250 slide presentations for stakeholders, including Bankruptcy Court, Creditors’ Committees, Commercial Banks, Investment Banks, Vendor Trade Associations, the SEC, Accounting Firms, Law Firms, Management and Employees, Labor Unions,  General Public and Patrons.


Reduced number of operating divisions from 62 to 26, with specific assignment, including on-site visits: Liquidation of Alden’s assets, $365million mail order-catalog division, Chicago, IL; sale of Behlen Manufacturing, $65million agricultural equipment division, Columbus, NB; sale of Wickes Machine Tool Group, $35million machine tool manufacturer.


Providing event, on-site support for C-level executives, and other support consultants, including Arthur Anderson, McKinsey & Co., Coopers & Lybrand, Alan Greenspan (Chief Economist), Data Resources Inc.

Meeting CEO’s urgent document delivery needs Minneapolis, MN, and Washington, D.C.


Trade Show Mobile Telephone Services-Conceived this business model, and assisted owner to develop a business plan, secure first employees, and engage telephone line technician, and secure first trade show site, Disneyland Hotel trade show, Anaheim, CA 


TRW Systems-At request of Program Manager on AMC project, Conducted research, and searched for prospective clients to diversify, adapt and apply defense database management system to civil systems, Washington, D.C.


 U.S. Postal Service-Research, develop a general plan, do site survey, and make recommendations, Los Angeles Bulk Mail Facility, San Francisco, CA, Regional Office


 United California Bank-Assistant Manager on Executive Searches for several senior tax executives, financial department, Los Angeles, CA


Valley Farm Supply-Secured and assisted is preparing documents to raise debt funds for settlement in a supplier $5million lawsuit, Santa Maria, CA


 Washington Metro Area Jobs Advisory Council (WAMAJAC)-Identified this civil system prospective client for adapting and applying the TRW Systems defense database management system to quasi-government use, Washington, D.C.


 Washor & Associates-Coached, developed and assisted in implementing a marketing program for this sole practitioner law firm, Los Angeles, CA


 Waterbed Manufacturers Assn.-Managed annual member marketing survey, for this industry trade association, Los Angeles, CA

Wentworth & Associates-John Wentworth left Mattel Toys, as HR executive.  Advised clients on how to establish an executive recruiting firm, with special features and benefits, to attract clients.  Firm 30 years old.  San Pedro, CA

 West Coast University-As Chairman of B.S.B.A. and MBA Programs, requested by Business & Management College Dean to prepare documents & faculty for 3 probation audits, and audit visits, in 5 years, by  Western Assn. of Schools & Colleges (accrediting agency), Los Angeles, CA

 West Coast University-As Chairman of B.S.B.A and MBA Programs, requested by President to advise CFO to sell assets to avoid bankruptcy, of this private, for-profit, adult school, Los Angeles, CA


 Western Coffee Assn.-Managed annual marketing survey, for this commercial coffee distributors trade association, Los Angeles, CA


 White Memorial Medical Center-Conduct forensic audit of Accounts Receivable system, and recommend improvements, Los Angeles, CA


 Wright, Young & Ford, CPAs-managed a marketing planning, organizations and implementation retreat for a regional accounting firm, Irvine, CA


 Yates Silverman Casino Hotel Interior Design-Conducted Candidate Qualifications Review (CQR) for Controller, Los Angeles, CA


 Yield Management Systems, Inc.-Identified prospective investors for this high yield investment opportunity, in the auto loan secondary market, raised over $600,000. dollars Las Vegas, NV


Patrick Zaccalini, M.D.-Served as interim Office Manager, collecting old receivables from insurance companies, on Personal Injury and Workers Comp cases, for this orthopedic surgeon, West Los Angeles, CA 

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