International CFO Advisory Services

Our CFO based Strategic Alliance:

  • Operates domestically and in 15 countries

  • Provides strategic CFO support and expansion strategies  

  • Implements hands on accounting practices

  • Assists with internal elements such as compliance and industry specific accounting practices

  • Designs and develops advanced accounting systems from strategy, to installation, to ongoing support

  • Provides transactional and analytical assistance to assist with capital markets initiatives in both the debt and equity markets 

Most are certified public accountants, chartered accountants and have MBA’s.  Some come from internal C-level positions, others as partners or managers from Big four or large, regional accounting firms. Through onsite and virtual meetings, fact gathering, analysis and hands on efforts they explore opportunities for the CEO and/or other C-level executives may have missed and move to take advantage of them. Some of the many services they provide are as follows:

  • Strategic planning/Exit strategies

  • International growth assessment and implementation

  • Risk assessment

  • Implementation timetable

  • Profit improvement/Optimizing cash flow management

  • Tax planning & legal issues/Outsourcing

* VX Global never shares your information to non-investment based sources. Your material, information, process and efforts will never be utilized, released or disseminated for reference sourcing or proof of business to potential customers for our benefit, and it is completely confidential.  VX does not provide tombstones or any other mechanism to induce business.



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