ACCEPTED CLIENT PROGRAM: This is our premier offering. This program is reserved for Members of the CFO Center (International) or by a respected fund, strategic partner or by deep due diligence. This agreement is consultative in nature and we do all of the work by creating the necessary material and sourcing for the type of capital requested. While we do not guarantee funding, refunds may be available if we are unsuccessful at obtaining an offer for the client company.  

CFO TOOLBOX: This program is designed to assist CFO's who have a strong grasp on capital raising but require assistance, and want to reduce their workload while increasing the propensity to fund. Our assistance can come in the form of presentation design and assistance, editing or the full creation of documentation and presentations. We can also expand the capital sourcing base for CFO's and their client companies.  

CAPITAL MARKETS DATABASE: This database can be used for finding sources of capital for your clients. The cost of this database, with over 2000 sources, is only $499. with free updates every 3 months for 1 year. Click here for the types of capital we have in our database. We can also customize a search for you. For criteria-based programs, such as M&A, specialized searches or market awareness campaigns for both Public Companies and Rule C clients, please contact us for a review.

* VX Global never shares your information to non-investment based sources. Your material, information, process and efforts will never be utilized, released or disseminated for reference sourcing or proof of business to potential customers for our benefit, and it is completely confidential.  VX does not provide tombstones or any other mechanism to induce business.



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