CORPORATE SUPPORT - Looking to add to your team. Look no further. 


Hands-on accounting assistance is available immediately for both large and small companies.  Most members are MBA’s and CPA’s. Skill sets include financial & management reporting, monthly financial statements, customized reporting and analysis to meet specific business needs, cash flow management & cash flow forecasting, budget vs. actual performance analysis,  accounts payable, billing & accounts receivable, and more. 


Our international CFO Advisory Services are available for both large and small companies. ​Our CFO based Strategic Alliance members contain certified public accountants, chartered accountants and MBA’s. Some come from internal C-level positions, others as partners or managers from Big four or large, regional accounting firms. Through onsite and virtual meetings, fact-gathering, analysis, and hands-on efforts they explore opportunities that may have been missed and move to take advantage of them. They can provide strategic CFO support and expansion strategies, assist with internal elements such as compliance and ongoing support in transactional and analytical assistance. 


We carry thousands of cataloged legal resources for your perusal, or for direct introduction purposes to assist in your growth. Our connectivity to counsel has a wide discipline base that is financial, SEC, contract or business-related. We have access to both individual practitioners and large law firms in most regions of the US, and some international connections as well. Our sources provide securities offerings, corporate law, international law, securities filings, business law, contract law, civil litigation, environmental law, bankruptcy law, labor and employment law, foreclosure law, intellectual property law, and complex litigation. 

* VX Global never shares your information to non-investment based sources. Your material, information, process and efforts will never be utilized, released or disseminated for reference sourcing or proof of business to potential customers for our benefit, and it is completely confidential.  VX does not provide tombstones or any other mechanism to induce business.



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